MyBB – Diễn đàn đơn giản như chuyên nghiệp Giá = 700,000đ



Why MyBB?

Okay, so you’re not sure why you should choose MyBB? Here’s a short but complete list of reasons on why you should use MyBB.

Its Free!

MyBB is completely free to download, install and use! You’re also free to privately modify the source code at any time you like as long as you follow the license agreement at all times.

Easy To Manage

Imagine being able to easily manage your discussion system all through simple yet extensive administration tools. MyBB contains all of the necessary tools you need to be able to effectively and efficiently manage your forums, from settings, to forums, moderators, styles, permissions – its all there!

Easy To Customize

With a few clicks, color changes and font face and size changes you can quickly create your own unique looking theme for MyBB. Themes consist of sets of colors, fonts and other attributes which explain how the page should be rendered for the user. Want to take things a step further? MyBB also contains an extensive template system allowing you to modify the board layout completely!

Powerful Tools

Keeping with the simplicity of MyBB we have managed to include advanced tools and features bundled for use at your preference. Many features such as an advanced permissions system, powerful user administration features, a complete user control panel and much more are all bundled with in the standard downloadable MyBB package.

Quick and Reliable Support

Having an issue with something not working the way it was supposed to? Need some help in finding a feature? We aim to provide you with the best and most comprehensive support to allow you to manage your board. From free support plans, to paid support plans we will make sure you get what you need from MyBB.